Compensation Disclosure

For our efforts Crediteureka is compensated primarily in the form of commissions. Contingency amounts may be paid by insurance companies and, in some cases, fees paid by clients or third parties. Each clients needs are unique and therefore compensation may vary. Below are some forms of compensation we may receive.

Commission Income – Commission, normally calculated as a percentage of the premium paid to the insurer for the specific policy, is paid to us by the insurer and is included in the premium paid by you.

Contingency Income – We may receive income through contingency arrangements with insurers. They are contingent because to qualify for payment we normally need to meet certain criteria on an annual basis. Contingency arrangements vary and we are happy to discuss any arrangement we may have with insurers, at your request.

Fees Paid by Clients – Occasionally with more complex risks or insurance programs, we may need to charge additional fees for placement of insurance coverage or additional services. Fees to be charged will be outlined in a proposal and approval from you in writing will be required prior binding coverage. On occasion, we may receive both commissions and fees for placing insurance, which will be disclosed in writing to you in advance.

We welcome any questions about our compensation generally, or as to your specific insurance proposal or placement, by contacting us by email at or by  calling our office at 647-797-9948